Friday, May 14, 2010



       I'm dedicating this  to Birdie Musicus, Diana Bryan, Jan Armstrong, and Brett Hudson.  The first three...beautiful, and radient women I knew and loved. All three were lost this year. 
     Birdie Musicus...singer, soul sister, denizen of NY clubs, where she shared her talent. One of the most open, honest, loving women I've EVER had the honor to know. Didn't give your aunt Fannie's A** what ANYONE thought.  SHE DARED to DARE. A life not wasted. That's the best ANY of us could possibly claim, isn't it? 
     Diana Bryan - amazing luminous woman. Created divine, art...paper cuttings. Sometimes EROTIC paper cuttings...the likes of which you ain't nevah SEEN before.  TRUST me. Look at a million book jackets, album covers, issues of the New Yorker. You'll recognize her work. You've SEEN it, but you never knew it was her.  go to her site ... Her BEST work?  Passing it along to others.  ALWAYS. She never failed to LIGHT ME UP with her encouragement, her interest, her love. She did it for many, many more.
     Jan Armstrong - Helped open Cafe' Wha.  Don't ask what year, ok?  Took in ol' Bob Dylan when he first came to town. A rosy cheeked little hick of a hayseed they thought.  Not our Jan.  She always knew special when she ran into it.  Had his back, and bought him that darn corderoy jacket he looked at every day in the store window.  REMEMBER, BOB?  Actually....I do believe she successfully "LIBERATED" the damn thing for ya.  And HER most illuminating talent?  GIVING. Jan put herself through school, so that she could become a psychologist. What specialty was Jan a renowned expert of?  Victims of  sexual abuse. Incestual abuse.  LONG BEFORE the rest of the world could SPEAK its name, she had survived that torture, and got busy helping OTHERS survive. 
WHAT DID ALL THREE HAVE IN COMMON? They never lost their optimism, they were brilliant and full of potty mouth. They were OOOH LA LA adorable. irresistable babes. They were GIVERS.  THAT was the worthwile reason for being on this earth.

      And so...this leaves one lone man amongst the sistahs.   DIG IT THERE, DONTCHA BRETT?  Ahhh he can take it.  Still very much WITH us, and STAYING that way. He's a FIGHTER.  NOTHING'S gonna shut that man UP.
     Brett Hudson - .whose blog is at the top of this page. GO and READ.  Check out
     "THE KLINIK"  Help to get the word out. GEEZ...I'm bossy, yeah?  Sorry. Not to worry. I'm also a MORON. I DIG a FIGHTER though, don't YOU?
     Pass the knowledge along.  Pass it. Give it.
     I'm doing just that.  Not with the same panache my girls had  of course...who could fill THEIR shoes?
 But will try to PICK IT UP, where they had to finally loosen their pretty, but outrageously strong grips. When the life went out of their beautiful eyes.

   Ahhh don't leave me.  I want to tell you about the music....all about the music. It's really all there is.
    Well...that, and old TV shows, and did I tell you...I was thrown out of the BROWNIES?  huh.
   I want to tell you about other audacious, daring, funny, and courageous beings.
   The three I loved more than my own life. They SHOWED me what courage is.  And now, they're gone.    All three were lucious, delicious, hilarious, and tenacious as HELL.

   My Daddy.
   My Mamma. love, Jeff. 

  BOY....this one sure isn't so cheerful, IS IT?
  Would you like me to fork over one of the three best pick up lines EVER tossed at me?
  SURE YOU WOULD.   THAT'LL perk us up a bit.


Thomas said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you for your good thoughts sweetie. can use all that flies my way, darnit.
hey...i haven't done the blog in awhile...been away in pittsburgh for a month. better get busy!
thanks again, thomas...xoxo