crikey...this is worse than the FIRST mirror photo.  how do we get this thing off now?  i want my mommy.
May 15, 2012.  Vardz and Jeremy J. Dennis in the process of getting married. 

annnnd she's looking at WHAT?   vardz 93'
jeffry ross still seemingly healthy... three years before i ran into him hanging with doc pomus
mel's foundation.  WHY AREN'T YOU HELPING???
vardzie at age three...who did this constantly.  for the love o'....god...WHAT?  the love o' COSTUME JEWELRY?   why did no one stop me?  jaaaysus you can see the diapers.    oh boy.
2010- the only way vardz can take a picture of herself.  and apparently...concurrently refer to herself in the third person.   please don't try this at home.  lookit' the mirror.  STOP it NOW.

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