Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok, did ANYONE observe the passing of lil' Mr. Houghtaling this past year?  GOOD GOD y'all, dontcha  have an INKLING?  This is the MAN. The man who invented the MAGIC FINGERS BED. The quarter driven deity which brought exhausted no tell/motel dwellers 15 minutes of "tingling relaxation and ease". The man who invented the VIBRATING MATTRESS for goodness sake. The man who (most pertinently),  lived right down the street from me.  yup.  WHY didn't i KNOW this? 
    I could have made pilgrimages, and performed bowings and scrapings.  SHEESH.   Allright..listen UP. This is a big, huge, Nostradamus-like marker. It's the begining of the end of western civilization. Sure as shootin' IS. Welll....this, and that bad, bad painful snatching of our inherent right to smoke a fag (during the downing of as many cocktails as we could possibly pour down our gullets) IN the plane.  DAMMMMM.  

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